The Modern Greek Tragedy Starring YOU

Dr Daniels reveals the formula for a greek tragedy as published in 1961 by Frances Fergusson. And exposes how the modern medical system has artfully combined these elements to keep Citizens spellbound while they are being murdered and fleeced. Tune in. Think Happens.

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One thought on “The Modern Greek Tragedy Starring YOU

  1. I have a very good friend who is somewhat aware of this funneling of people with symptoms into the medical ….I could say a number of rude things here, but you know already. I will pass this along. It will be so affirming for her! And support her resolve not to surrender to the constant barrage of medical procedures being offered to her as her “only safe choice.” As knowledgeable as she is about the medical illusionists, she was shaken at her diagnosis. On the other side of the precipice she is on is our growing recognition that nutriceuticals vary in purity, potency and recommendations for effective administration. Thanks, and I will keep tuned for your version of medical education! Many Thanks! Sandy