TLBTV: A Discussion With Dr. J. Daniels – The Standard of Care

There are two distinctive types of people in this world … Those who follow, and those who lead, or those who accept blindly and those who question. This may be a philosophy that can be tolerated in many professions, and in some, even desired … But NOT in the medical profession.

It would seem that if you question the medical authority, or the pharmaceutical overlords in America today as a doctor or medical professional, you immediately put your career on the line … even, or especially, if you are right. All this in-spite of the dangers and harm the set standard of care may be exposing millions of people to. People who trust and depend on their doctors to keep them healthy and in a rising number of cases … ALIVE!

Today we have the privilege to have a discussion with one of those who dared to question these overlords, Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Please read her story below and watch as we discuss – The TRUE Standard of Care in America (and most of the industrialized world) today.

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