Top 3 Secrets to Having More Vitality NOW!


Top 3 Secrets to Having More Vitality NOW!

There comes a time when you realize that you do not have the energy you used to have. This report will help you get a boost in natural, effective ways.

1. Have 3 or more bowel movements a day:
Waste that is retained in your intestines is the number one cause of decreased vitaiiity. This waste is reabsorbed into the blood stream and causes all of your cells to function at a lower level. Being regular is the most important factor in getting more vitality. The same way a clogged filter becomes sluggish and does not function well, you body becomes sluggish when waste is not removed promptly. Vitality Capsules is a natural blend of herbs and spices that get you regular.

2. Drink 4 liters of water a day: As time passes, our bodies’ cells do not retain water as well. Sedentary jobs lead us to drink less so we can have fewer interruptions at work. This depresses your circulation and the nutrition from your food does not reach your cells. Your cells are starved for water and nutrition. You lose your vitality. Many people find it difficult to drink this amount of water. Adding a squeeze of lime or lemon makes this easier. Setting aside time to drink in 1 liter amounts can also be helpful. One liter every 4 hours while awake until you reach 4 liters. (4 quarts will do if you have quart measures) This drinking can be done without regard to meals. Before during or after is fine. If you have a medical condition that limits the amount you can drink, start by converting all of your beverages to water.

3. Eat fruit that is very ripe. Almost about to spoil. Cut up 4 varieties local to your area and put into a blender. Drink 1/2 to 1 cup in the morning. This gives you natural yet reliable results. The fiber from the fruit scrubs your intestines and removes waste. The nutritional content of the rut is also at its peak. This gives you more vitality. At the same time, the natural compounds in the ripe fruit stimulate your intestines for a satisfying start to your day.