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Computer Problems

As far as we know, no special browser updates are necessary to listen to these shows. Our advice to people who have difficulty listening to a show would be to just reload the page, and try again, also possibly if they have too many tabs open, their computer might be low on memory, so closing excess tabs might help. Some browsers have difficulty releasing memory, and so if they are open for long periods of time (like a day or more), they use up all the computer’s memory, so restarting the browser, and rebooting the computer would possibly help. If all else fails, here is a special contact form for technical difficulties. Thank you!

Please only use this form to submit technical questions regarding the Truth Files web page, please do do not send personal health information in this form!



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2 thoughts on “Truth Files Technical Problem Report Form

  1. You will notice that on all the RBN (Bonus) show pages, a new download link has been added at the bottom of the page for those who have trouble listening to the show through the player. Just click that link to download the show to be played via your favorite player on your computer. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to get the Blake Radio Network shows able to offer the same functionality yet. I’ll continue to work on that. Meanwhile, you can always download the Sunday (RBN) shows. All downloads are in the format of .mp3.

  2. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    You are amazing. I love your shows but I am very electrically sensitive to not just cell phones but my computer. It makes my skin break out bad and my lap top makes my arm get hot! Talk about weird. I would so love to download your shows on a MP3 so I can then be away from my computer. Would you consider making your archives available by download please?

    Thank you so for this consideration,
    Ashland, OR