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  1. Wavatar Gabriel says:

    The capsules will be available on March 25th, 2014

  2. Wavatar Terry says:

    When will you have the vitality capsules?

  3. Wavatar Ron says:

    The box to enter my name and email to receive the Complimentary Report does not appear. Is that being withheld until Vitality Capsules are again available?

  4. Wavatar Gabriel says:

    There is no remote history. Dr Daniels has personal experience with many diabetics and every one experienced improvement of their Diabetes with Turpentine and Sugar.

  5. Wavatar Marlyce Lewis says:

    What has been historical examples of turpentine affecting adult onset diabetes?

  6. Wavatar elance job says:

    Vitality Capsules are expected to be available on or before March 5, 2014.

  7. Wavatar Monika Jackiewicz says:

    Hi i am just wondering when the capsules will be available again thank you!

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