What Natural Healers Don’t Want You To Know

Dr Daniels’ Special guest reveals what Natural Healers don’t want you to know. Your body makes its own perfect medicines. Doc (Not Really a Doctor) Mike is an expert in urine therapy and fecal therapy. Learn how the world’s most powerful pharmacy lies within you. Tune in . Think Happens..

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2 thoughts on “What Natural Healers Don’t Want You To Know

  1. To the gentleman with the leg cramps, I used to get leg cramps terrible and the only thing I tried that worked was WATER. Almost everybody in the US is dehydrated. I thought it was crazy until I tried it. I used magnesium, Epsom-salts, vinegar nothing would help. I researched it and found a method of water therapy that had a drastic effect. Put 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt to 1/2 gallon filtered water. Drink the whole 1/2 gallon each day. You will find that you have cramps no more and you blood pressure will go down (keep an eye on your BP). I’ve been asking doctors for at least 15 years why I get cramps. No one could help. I found out on my own. Over the past few years I have lost almost all faith in M.D.s or anybody that promotes Big-Pharma. They don’t know. Look at the profit based cancer industry and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  2. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    Love your show.
    I believe a Felony has to involve a minimum amount of money, I think $1000.00 to qualify for a felony.
    If you go to court without a Lawyer jail time is not an option even if you are guilty. This is the Myranda law, however very difficult to not get assigned an attorney these days but it is possible. You are allowed (vierdyrer) council I believe is what the process is called, you get to screen the attorneys and of course none are on your side so they do not qualify.

    Brights disease (old name for kidney failure) is one of the conditions according to “Armstrongs treatise on urine therapy”that is highly reversible.

    Three months ago I tried the Urine & Fasting therapy per Armstrongs outline.
    I was able to do 20 days consecutive, drinking urine and water only. Remarkable results, confirmed what was in his book. You have to follow everything as it has a purpose, for instance if you donot wash your face and neck area as he instructs you will get irregular heart beats, the washing of the face stops this. Due to space I cannot go over details but my comment is that today we must be 1000 times more toxic than in 1918 when his research was done. I had to stop at 20 days because the detox was to much and the taste of pure water (store bought mineral water) was so bad that I could not handle the taste. I will have to get distilled water next time. You can download a free copy at:


    The combination of urine therapy and fasting I think is what causes the remarkable results Armstrong documented. One time I decided to take some nutrition, (I drank some orange juice) and immediately the part of the body that was under repair stopped. It shifted the focus of the body to digestion I think.

    When I was looking into fasting, a resent study verified that after 3 days your immune system resets, like a reboot of your computer. One of the things that helped me mentally attempt this experiment was the fact that in one of the documents on the subject it was mentioned that half of a fetuses life it floats in the mothers urine and the second half of the 9 month’s it is the baby’s own urine.

    I was wondering if you know of anything that can verify this.

    Happy to share details if you would like.

    Keep up the good work,