Why you should become the healer in your home






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16 thoughts on “Why you should become the healer in your home

  1. Dr. Jennifer,
    You are so awesome. I think this is an amazing idea to teach people to be healers in their own home.
    May God bless you. love, lidia

  2. Dr. Daniels, please continue to send me important information on health and cancer healing. Your work is very important to me and my family.

  3. Do you have an idea how to remove a lipoma naturally that you know first hand has actually worked? Thank you.

  4. I love this idea for your videos. Please make it louder next time as it was hard to hear. Your suggestion in an earlier broadcast to chew fennel seeds for indigestion or nausea works extremely well! I do it when i need to and tell people about it too.

  5. This sounds fabulous, Dr. Daniels! It reminds me of the Barefoot Doctor movement of many decades ago. I personally can’t avoid having medical insurance because they take the Medicare premium out of my SS check every month. I consider it an overpriced Catastrophic plan that I probably will never use. At least it covers gym membership via Silver Sneakers program and I can find a member gym just about anywhere I go. That’s the only real “preventive” benefit, and I’ve already had to switch insurance companies when Blue Cross eliminated it after my first year. Don’t know how long it will continue to be available. My husband and I keep a healthy distance from the medical system as part of our health plan, and we go to great lengths to maintain excellent health. Home healer would greatly increase our toolbox contents.

    I look forward to your forthcoming videos and more info about the program. Thank you so much for your courage to speak the truth. I look forward to the day when healing is decriminalized and the power to heal is returned to its rightful owner…THE HUMAN RACE!!

  6. Dear Dr Daniels you are amazing, bless you. I am a former nurse,I realised some time ago that i just couldn’t do it anymore. I loved the patients but not the politics. I was always interested in the natural methods and couldn’t understand why hospitals weren’t interested in them .Patients and nurses disempowered by the system-just meds and tests seemed to be what it was all about so ,thanks to you it has all fallen in to place amd i am pleased not to be part of it anymore.I love the alternative way , can’t wait to learn as much as i can.
    Thank you so much for this much needed information,

  7. Thank you Dr. Daniels for the tremendous amount of information you share with us.
    I am hard of hearing and kindly ask you to turn the volume up when you record. On my end, your voice is barely above a whisper and it’s so frustrating. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I’m so glad you’re moving forward with it and also can’t tell you how wonderful it is to, actually, SEE YOU!
    My question is or I should say one of my greatest fears is that someone will fall unconscious in my home or otherwise unresponsive, yet breathing, but breathing is shallow, what then?
    Also I worry about burns, severe burn from hot oil to the face, arms or legs, what then?