You Can Do It

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5 thoughts on “You Can Do It

  1. So sorry I cannot afford to attend.Your green drink was helpful.I am now able to cut back on two meals per day and I am feeling better just after two days.Thank you .

  2. This is a great idea!!! I am unable to participate, this time. I need more notice to plan a trip. Hopefully, next time.

  3. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    My awakening to the health care system/medical industrial complex took place slowly over the past ten years. For 38 years, I worked as an RN. After not being able to work in that capacity for several years due to conflicts of conscience, I inactivated my license. Although part time work with that pay scale would be helpful, I will never again be able to participate in the standard of care.

    Since coming to know you and listening to your lectures, I feel I am being re-educated in the most clear and uncomplicated manner. I have wanted to thank you but did not take the time as yet. Your clarity of understanding and ability to communicate it is beyond brilliant. I love listening to you, am completely fascinated by your intellect, am always inspired and have gained knowledge.

    How I would love to come to Panama to your workshop. However, I am not able to afford the cost at this time. Hopefully one day in the future another opportunity will arise and finances will be different. If I come to have any health issues, I will be reaching out to you.

    Also, to let you know, this last video is very difficult to hear. I used my ear piece but it was still a strain. They are all rather low in volume but this was more so.

    Please continue to teach as this is surely one of your greatest gifts.
    Much love and gratitude,

  4. Dear Dr Daniels,
    A wonderful idea, which I thought about a long time ago. Too bad I live so far away.
    The sound is too low … over my loud computer, I can barely understand. On youtube the sound was a bit better.

    best wishes